LAS-320 Asphalt Sealer

LAS-320 is the highest quality commercial acrylic sealant available in Canada.  

There is a lot of information out there on asphalt sealing and I encourage all people to do their research on products and the people who use them. Here is a list of products that are commonly used on parking lots  and why LAS-320 is superior.


  • The current leading commercial sealer in the world, LAS-320 is an acrylic sealer which promises to repel 100% of all liquids with its advance properties which is applied using a water-based medium.  Once proper curing and evaporation have occurred will provide 2-4 years of protection.
  • LAS-320 brings commercial asphalt sealer to the next level. With the lowest volatile organic compounds (VOCs) available and approved by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) our commercial product is designed to dry faster, last longer, and is the safest sealer for the environment.
  • Warranty: GAC and the manufacturer stands proudly behind this product.  Should any issues arise, GAC will fix the problem at no charge to you.


Other products on the market today not only fail to meet the same level of quality as LAS-320 but are also incredibly bad for the environment.

Cleverly marketed as “Airport Grade” , coal-tar and poly-tar is made from refined coal, coke brick, and petroleum base products. The petroleum medium requires extended dry times, leaving a hard top surface that provides 1-3 years of protection. Poly-Tar is coal-tar containing with an abrasive mixture that allows for a gritty surface.

Oil/Liquid Asphalt:
Oil/liquid asphalt sealers are designed with different petroleum asphalt binders and crude oil; most including a chemical commonly known as gilsonite. Such products do not seal or treat a driveway but aim to make the surface look fresh and new; however, it continually exposes the surface to UV damage. Gilsonite based sealers require the use of solvents (e.g., paint thinner) to dissolve it in the petroleum mixture. Ironically, these solvents break down asphalt and require yearly application. Thick applications of these products are common and show unpleasing distinct wear patterns.

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