Crack Filling

  • Small cracks damaged by nature’s elements lead to larger cracks and may even wash out underneath your parking lot leading to large degradation and pot holes. Using LAS-320 together with a sand combination we can put a stop to harsh impact the elements take on your lot.  Our treatment’s elasticity specs will allow your lot to shift with your asphalt during both the winter cold and summer heat.  Unlike the traditional black tar solution, our crack filler works with your existing asphalt leaving no lips or ridges for plows or vehicles to catch on to which would normally rips out the black tar.

Allegation Cracks

  • For areas where there are condensed multiple cracks and a patch or repave of the area seems like the only solution our same crack filling technique can be used on both a small and large scale repairing these areas at a fraction of the cost of a repave.

Oil/Gas Damage Repair

  • Oil damage, not only a huge eyesore, but can lead to your asphalt turning to mush and ripping out right before your eyes. We treat this damage by first removing surface chemicals and then protecting the surface with our sealer. Not only does this give your asphalt time to heal but LAS-320 can fully repel damaging liquids!

Small Patches and Potholes

  • Potholes are always a liability concern for commercial lots owners. Our pot hole filler is made from 95% recycled materials and cures through compaction not evaporation. This means that as soon as the hole is filled you can drive over it instantly and the more it gets driven over the more compact it becomes.

Line Striping

  • Similar to traditional line striping we can take care of all parking lot lines and symbols with both environmentally friendly paint and a striper that emits zero green-house emissions.

No Mess Guarantee!

  • Not only is our product environmentally friendly but it is designed to stick to asphalt. With careful evaluation of each job and extreme attention to detail, even if a mistake is made (because we know nobody is perfect) just a little water and the mess disappears right before your eyes.